Cupid’s Hunt Podcast Event – 2014…

Hey, Kiddies & Kiddettes!

The Cupid’s Hunt Podcast Collaboration event is well underway! Now, I’m not going to bore you a detailed explanation of what it’s all about. I figure after 6 years the majority of folks out here already know that CHPC is the best place online to find love music mixes for your Valentine’s Day celebration.

With that said, let me list what we have available for you so far and what you can expect in the hours and days ahead…

This year, our 7th consecutive year of producing this event, is notable for a number of reasons. Cupid’s Hunt #7 marks the initial participation of a few folks (we *always* like to see that) AND the return of one of our past participants back into the world of podcasting (Whoo-Hoo!) New this year in 2014 are:

1. Calandra Branch – this talented lady can be found over at the Liner Notes Lounge and she has put together a Cupid’s Hunt mix she calls, “Moments In Love”. Even at this early stage of the event she’s already in the front-running for CHPC ‘Rookie of the Year’ honors.

2. Ann Marie – you all know her as “Soulafrodisiac” from the many, many properties she manages online. Finally, after years of trying we got her to agree to join the Cupid’s Hunt event. We are so happy she did. Her main site is at and her Cupid’s Hunt mix will be featured on her Sunday radio show Fullasoul Music.

3. Bama LoveSoul – they’ve been “decreasing your hard drive space since 2008” and now they want to decrease it some more by creating a Cupid’s Hunt podcast mix. They can be found over at

4. Belinda Wisdom – a friend of the “Sensei” (although we won’t hold that against her {smile}), Belinda’s another newcomer to our musical party. She’s put together an impressive playlist for folks to enjoy. Please give it a listen. Her mix is being distributed via EJ’s site.

Welcome all!
Our returnee, after a long absence from the world of podcasting is:

Angel Monique – you may remember her from Soul Confessions After Dark Radio which has been quiet for a few years now. Well, she’s coming back to podcasting and she’s chosen this year’s Cupid’s Hunt Podcast Collaboration event as her coming out party. We couldn’t be happier.

OK, this is getting a bit wordy. Let me list the mixes that are available now and at the same time encourage you to keep checking in here on the new RIBS website -OR- also over on the Cupid’s Hunt Podcast Collaboration page for more and more mixes as they are released.

1. Jolene, the Night Nurse DJ“Our Anniversary”

2. Calandra Branch“Moments In Love”

3. Val Oliver“Bless You Brother”

4. Serenity Soul Podcast“Love Conversation”

5. DJ Hyjak“Cupids Hunt 2014”

6. DJ SoundNexx“Prince Erotic Love Mixx (Cupid’s Hunt)”

7. Nikki“Cupid’s Hunt 2014: SPS Edition”

8. Anji Bee“Chillcast #392: Valentine’s Day Mix”

9. Sista Suga“SeXXXy Love Vol. VIII”

10. Belinda Wisdom“Cupid’s Hunt, 2014 – Volume 1

11. Gary ‘Garfield’ White – a.k.a. ‘DJ G-Dub’ sneaks in with a 3-parter, “Nuthin But Luv – 2.14.14, part 1” , “Nuthin But Luv – 2.14.14, part 2” and  “Nuthin But Luv – 2.14.14, part 3”

There. That should get y’all started. Hope I didn’t miss anything, but if I did I’ll be back to edit and/or add to this Note throughout the day and over the course of the weekend.

Some more mixes to add to the list…

12. Doug (a.k.a. “Fresh”)“CH 2014: Every VDay Deserves A Great Soundtrack (A Sunday Soundtrack Special Edition)”

13. AnewLis“Cupid’s Hunt 2014: Duets”

14. Fave“Cupid’s Hunt Edition 2014: ‘Unlove'”

15. DJ Diva“Cupid’s Hunt: Making New Love”

16. Vanessa Grissett“Cupid’s Hunt – Love’s Groove V2”

17. Sista Suga“It’s Complicated Vol. IV”
(NOTE: both of Sista Suga’s Cupid’s Hunt mixes can also be found here on her site: ‘The Sight of Sound by Sista Suga’)

When we say, “The Hunt is ON, and the Hunt never STOPS”, we really mean it! Here is the first of more Cupid’s Hunt goodness for your listening pleasure.

18. Kitchen Rebel/Todd ‘Big La’ Kelley“Be OK: Cupid’s Hunt 2014”

19. Ricky McCarthy“Soul Provider – Cupid’s Hunt 2014”

20. Angel Monique“Love Is You… Cupid’s Hunt Valentine’s Day Collaboration”

Just in case some of y’all forgot, the Cupid’s Hunt Podcast Collaboration isn’t officially over until the end of the month! Here (finally) is an entry from “Chief Chef of the RIBS Kitchen”…

21. TGrundy “RIBS: Cupid’s Hunt 2014 – Valuniquic’s Sexy Songs 2”

The feature mix from the RIBS Kitchen for this year’s Cupid’s Hunt event…

22. TGrundy “RIBS: Cupid’s Hunt 2014 – Dells-LOVE!”

Enjoy and remember… “Every Valentine’s Day, deserves a great soundtrack!”

#CupidsHunt #CH7 #ValentinesDay #CountdownToLove

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  1. Thanks much T.! I appreciate you!

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